Saturday, February 7, 2015

Kyler's Birth Story

Has it really been over a year since I have posted?


I never knew adding another sweet babe to my own little family would keep me so busy...
naturally some things had to be moved to the back burner and apparently my blogging was one of them. Sorry.

I thought what better way to dust off the old blog than with a birth story.

Last month I had the honor of documenting a precious baby boy's debut.
Each time I do one of these birth stories it amazes me what we as women can do.
Kyler's mama was tough through over 12 hours of labor, it was a long day.
And she continued to look fabulous the whole time! 
When Kyler arrived he was so perfect!
 Best part was when he wrapped his tiny fingers around mama's finger just seconds after he arrived.
Totally tugged at this mama's heart strings.
Makes all the waiting worth it.

I felt so privileged to be there capturing the babe's first moments of life.
I asked her if she wouldn't mind if I shared sweet baby Kyler's birth story,
so glad she said yes.

Here is the little video I made for her documenting her babe's birthday.
I also added a few of my favorite images below.
Believe me I could have posted 100, but figured the video did that.
(the video doesn't do the images justice.)

Here is Kyler's Birth Story....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Selah's Newborn Portraits

Look at beautiful Selah (pronounced say-luh) - love it!
She is such a little sweetheart and has the most perfect pouty lips.
We had a few rough spots during her session were she wasn't happy,
but once we laid her down on her side she was content and slept so sweetly.

Here is her little preview:

 photo selah2_zpsa4c580f1.png
 photo selah4_zps38d6ae8c.png
 photo selah3_zps67409246.png
  photo selah6_zps72d25734.png
 photo selah5_zps8fdc58a0.png
 photo selah_zpsdc344dc6.png
 photo selah7_zpse12df112.png
 photo selah8_zps36c6585c.png

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eric's Newborn Portraits

Adorable little Eric was such a sweetheart for his session.
He even gave us a few tiny smirks. He saved his big smiles for when I put my camera down.
A lot of the session he was bright eyed but we managed to get him asleep a few times.
Eric is lucky to have two wonderful parents I enjoyed working with.
I love watching first time parents snuggle their precious new baby.
He is a very loved little boy. 

Here is his precious preview:

 photo eric2_zps52ddfff0.png
 photo eric3_zpsea0a1641.png
 photo eric4_zps10fa6187.png
 photo eric5_zpsf6dfcb48.png
 photo eric6_zps2760aa42.png
 photo eric_zpsdde1d752.png
 photo eric7_zpsfe410169.png
 photo eric8_zps61c44c13.png
 photo eric9_zpsb8b8042d.png
 photo eric10_zps4c1f8ca0.png
 photo eric11_zps2922bec9.jpg

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christiansen Family Portraints

The Christiansen Family was a joy to photograph.
We snuck in their session just before the weather turned and all the beautiful leaves dropped.
I am glad we did because we had some beautiful background colors.
And I do have to say their kiddos are wonderful, adorable, and they behaved so well during the session.

Here is their preview:

 photo erika_zps798ce403.png
 photo erika2_zps83405caa.png
 photo erika3_zps72efa3f8.png
 photo erika4_zps98d0785f.png
 photo erika5_zps80147d99.png
 photo erika6_zps7ed89a26.png
 photo erika7_zps21b22601.png
 photo erika8_zps7a5d2556.png
 photo erika9_zps0c2ab48b.png

Konzek Family Portraits

Love, Love, LOVE, this adorable little family.
They are so fun to work with and so sweet.
Their poor little boy didn't really want his picture taken but we managed to sneak in a few smiles.
Such cute kiddos but they need to stop growing up so fast!

Here is their preview:

 photo shelbfam2_zps33443b8b.png
 photo shelbfam3_zps684e049f.png
 photo shelbfam4_zpsc6226b61.png
 photo shelbfam5_zps2e091867.png
 photo shelbfam6_zpsb03f16c7.png
 photo shelbfam7_zpsf822475d.png
 photo shelbfam8_zps73722fd5.png
 photo shelbfam9_zpse40f230a.png
 photo shelbfam10_zps5059bdb6.png
 photo shelbfam11_zps02aa151f.png

Monday, November 11, 2013

Jordan and Lindsey - Manti Temple Sealing

I had so much fun with Jordan (who happens to be my brother-in-law) and Linsdey (his beautiful wife).
What a wonderful opportunity it was to capture such a special day for them. And it was a beautiful day!
They were sealed for time and all eternity in the beautiful LDS Manti Temple a few weeks ago.
Where they had lots of support from friends and family who helped them celebrate.

I have tons of images to share so I will let them speak for themselves...

  photo lind19_zpsdf47a12a.png
 photo lind3_zps01a56851.png
 photo lind4_zps37aa153e.png
 photo lind5_zpse9f85bcd.png
 photo lind6_zps6cf58309.png
 photo lind7_zps80751bf8.png
 photo lind8_zpsc769357e.png
 photo lind9_zps16f2e8f5.png
 photo lind10_zps5a1bc7c4.png
 photo lind11_zpsbe85beb6.png
 photo lind12_zps478ab58b.png
 photo lind13_zps47a42f37.png
 photo lind14_zps357ae755.png
 photo lind15_zps16639602.png
 photo lind16_zpseb6d19f2.png
 photo lind17_zps92336bf2.png
 photo lind_zpsb9e0d083.png
 photo lind18_zps85d034e9.png