Booking Fee

When you book a session there is a $15 fee, this is non-refundable (and separate from session fee), so please make sure the date you book is going to work for you.

This fee is required so I know you are serious about your session. When you pay your fee it holds your date and time. If you want more of an explanation feel free to read my policy page. Booking fee is for your benefit as well as mine.
         ex. In past years I have booked up and had to tell people I am full, then I had people who had scheduled session bail out on me at the last minute. Leaving me with open sessions. Believe me I don't like telling people I can't do pictures for them because I am full so when I ended up having open dates when I turned people away...I was not happy. So I came up with this booking fee mainly to weed out the people who aren't serious about their sessions and to insure those who are that their date is booked.

REMEMBER: You have one week from the day you scheduled your session to pay your booking fee. If you fail to pay your booking fee within the allotted time frame the session you scheduled will be invalid and will open up for someone else to book. If you have questions feel free to contact me.

If you need to pay your booking fee you can send a check in the mail, drop off check or cash, or you can pay right here by typing in your name, date of session and click "Add to Cart". 

If you would like to mail your booking fee or drop it off please contact me for address.
*Please write all checks out to Misty McLaughlan

Pay Booking Fee Online:

Who is the Booking Fee For?