Friday, August 30, 2013

Tristan's 3 Month Portraits

This little guy was full of so many smiles during his session....
as long as he was able to keep one eye on his mommy. lol.
He absolutely loves his mommy!
Tristan was such a joy to work with and so adorable.

Here is a little preview:

 photo trist4_zps15538792.png
 photo trist2_zps5d391492.png
 photo trist3_zps56fa59f1.png
 photo trist6_zps86e86dc0.png
 photo trist7_zpse19b1b4f.png
 photo trist5_zps50e0d36b.png
 photo trist_zps13eb6b9c.png

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Emmett Turns One

I was so excited when my bestie from High School asked me to photograph her handsome little man.
He had just turned one and they were going to be in town visiting family so we set up a session.
Seriously I think little Emmett gets cuter and cuter each time I see him.
I had such a blast photographing him and wonderful parents.
Such a cute little family.

Here is their preview:

 photo emmett_zps83644f50.png
 photo emmett2_zps03f72d63.png
 photo emmett3_zps699886bf.png
 photo emmett5_zps5bf130a6.png
 photo emmett4_zps5e1fc52c.png
 photo emmett7_zps8a25cd54.png
 photo emmett8_zpse076d336.png
 photo emmett9_zpse90b7964.png
 photo emmett10_zpse8090a71.png
 photo emmett11_zpsd19f2c76.png
 photo emmett12_zps659b7a06.png
 photo emmett15_zps0ad38632.png
 photo emmett14_zps22f13aef.png
 photo emmett13_zps4e7a4f89.png

Friday, August 23, 2013

Lennon's Newborn Portraits

When Lennon's mama texted me to set up her session I fell in love with her name.
Then I met Lennon and feel in love again, she was beautiful! Her skin was perfect and she had the cutest pouty lips.
Sad thing is she didn't want to sleep longer than 10 minutes the whole session. lol.
Good thing we captured some super cute peaceful poses in those quick 10 minutes.
She is so sweet and I enjoyed meeting her and getting to work with her.

Here is Lennon's preview:

 photo lennon5_zpsa51aa7eb.png
 photo lennon2_zpsd5f56135.png
 photo lennon4_zps44aa4aeb.png
 photo lennon3_zps0dc0096d.png
 photo lennon6_zpsdfcc9779.png
 photo lennon7_zpsb527b0b4.png
 photo lennon_zps2f018636.png
 photo lennon8_zps7b9c1acb.png
 photo lennon9_zps60c8ebb0.png

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hunter Grandkids

So what do you do when you have a cute little 2-year-old you need to photograph and he wants NOTHING to do with you or your camera?
You let him run wild and play with his cousins....

This first photo was the only time he sat the whole session. lol. Good thing his mommy loves him so much! ;)

 photo huntergrandkids_zps6b8129a0.png
 photo huntergrand5_zpsf656a8b9.png
 photo huntergrand3_zps635b47a5.png
 photo huntergrand4_zps9ca8e374.png
 photo huntergrand7_zpsd5c29682.png
 photo huntergrand8_zps81e10d8e.png
 photo huntergrand6_zps14195689.png
 photo huntergrand2_zps50e35221.png
 photo huntergrand9_zps922aada7.png

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Three adorable kiddos

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to photograph my absolutely adorable niece and nephews.
We had fun with the whole superhero set up, then we focused on sweet little Nikelle.
These are her 9 Month portraits. 
Boy does she love her mommy. And mommy was the only one who could get her to smile.
Just love this beautiful blue-eyed beauty and I can't believe how big she is getting.
She sure is lucky to have amazing big brothers to look after her...

 photo nikellenine2_zps1123afc0.png
 photo nikellenine3_zps9b8f2cd0.png
 photo nikellenine4_zpscfcb4131.png
 photo nikellenine6_zpsf4866fe3.png
 photo nikellenine5_zpsb89d2071.png
 photo nikellenine_zpsfe1be96e.png
 photo nikellenine7_zps08c05bb4.png
 photo nikellenine8_zps41a05207.png
 photo nikellenine11_zps0d80aa28.png
 photo nikellenine10_zps2492b615.png
 photo nikellenine9_zpsd9f7b080.png