Monday, July 29, 2013

Maisen turns ONE

I got to hang out with Maisen and his big brother the other day, what little sweethearts.
Maisen just turned one and mom wanted to celebrate with a cake-smash session.
He loved his cake!

Here is a little peek at Maisen and McCoy a year ago...

 photo maisen7_zps2c011471.png

And look how much they've grown in the last year...

 photo maisen2_zpsd633c535.jpg
 photo maisen3_zps7fd85078.png
 photo maisen_zpsef81bdb2.png
 photo maisen4_zps55517f83.png
 photo maisen5_zps59a49afc.png
 photo maisen6_zps0a0708df.png

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tallianah's Portraits

This little sweetheart was fun to photograph.
She was happy to pose and give me big smiles.
Such an adorable little lady
I absolutely love her cute little freckles...wish I had freckles.

Here is Tallianah's preview:

 photo talliana3_zps77a85129.jpg
 photo talliana2_zps449c87ff.png
  photo talliana10_zps292cfafe.png
 photo talliana4_zps819f9177.png
 photo talliana9_zps208ca241.png
 photo talliana8_zps31066695.png
 photo talliana5_zpsa3ae9ae6.png
 photo talliana7_zpsfd19c079.png
 photo talliana12_zps1790eeda.png
 photo talliana6_zps2f06b750.png
 photo talliana11_zpsa90ddd02.png

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ariana's Newborn Portraits

Little Ariana was so much fun to work with.
She was so sweet and slept through most of her session.
Her mom and dad are first time parents, you can just tell they are going to be amazing parents.
They are so in love with their new baby girl. Who wouldn't be she is so precious.
And they brought her a cute little viking outfit for her to wear. They are BIG Vikings fans.
I had a hard time picking only which ones I wanted to share for her preview...
She is so beautiful!
So here is a big preview:

 photo ariana3_zpse99279a9.png
 photo ariana2_zpsab8aa4ed.png
 photo ariana6_zpsb4df314c.png
 photo ariana4_zps06664258.png
 photo ariana5_zpse12772e5.png
 photo ariana9_zpsad6cadbe.png
 photo ariana8_zpsc111dea4.png
 photo ariana11_zps20c3e9bb.png
 photo ariana10_zpsb6201336.png
 photo ariana7_zps3a8629e1.png
 photo ariana12_zps71f605c9.png
 photo ariana13_zpsc86e466a.png
 photo ariana_zps193b8c80.png

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Buck Family Portraits

I was so happy we were able to get this session done.
Trying to get our schedules to match and weather to cooperate was a little tricky.
But luckily 3rd time is the charm...
The sweet little one wanted nothing to do with me or my camera so I had to work extra hard for her attention.
Between that and the scortching hot summer evening I was dripping with sweat by the end of the session. lol.
But totally worth it! Love how they turned out!
Wonderful family!
And if you need an amazing hairstylist Daynna is your gal. She is fabulous!!

Here is their preview:

 photo daynna7_zps2b9c1004.png
 photo daynna4_zps94383551.png
 photo daynna5_zps44f37186.png
 photo daynna3_zps0e9ba925.png
 photo dayna_zpsaaf4cc97.png
 photo daynna2_zps5f8fcffe.png
 photo daynna6_zps73bd7ffb.png
 photo daynna9_zps0bdbe897.png
 photo daynna10_zps4b71c3a7.png
 photo daynna8_zps58569626.png

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

DesiRae's Family Portraits

We had so much fun during this session.
Such a wonderful family.
And how lucky is this little girl to have older brothers to look after her.
They were so cute with her.
I loved how their portraits turned out.

Here is their preview:

 photo desirae_zpsee2dbb45.png
 photo desirae5_zpsc2dd49db.png
 photo desirae3_zps3286dbfc.png
 photo desirae4_zps30358e9c.png
 photo desirae2_zps51c1b400.png
 photo desirae6_zps55b0b439.png
 photo desirae7_zps17f9c8df.png

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Khloee is Turning Four

This little beauty happens to be my niece.
She is turning four this month.
Her and her mama were here visiting from Florida last month and decided to get some portraits done. 
I sure do miss them.
I can't get over how grown up Khloee is looking.

Here is a peek at her session...

 photo khlo4_zpsaec32faa.png
 photo khlo2_zpse0a0ce46.png
 photo khlo3_zpscbaa5a64.png
 photo khlo5_zpsc54427de.png
 photo khlo_zps0f9ea555.png
 photo khlo6_zpsb08efb4a.png
 photo khlo7_zps0e9febcf.png