Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tallianah's Portraits

This little sweetheart was fun to photograph.
She was happy to pose and give me big smiles.
Such an adorable little lady
I absolutely love her cute little freckles...wish I had freckles.

Here is Tallianah's preview:

 photo talliana3_zps77a85129.jpg
 photo talliana2_zps449c87ff.png
  photo talliana10_zps292cfafe.png
 photo talliana4_zps819f9177.png
 photo talliana9_zps208ca241.png
 photo talliana8_zps31066695.png
 photo talliana5_zpsa3ae9ae6.png
 photo talliana7_zpsfd19c079.png
 photo talliana12_zps1790eeda.png
 photo talliana6_zps2f06b750.png
 photo talliana11_zpsa90ddd02.png

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