Booking Fee needs to be paid within a week of scheduling or session will become available for others to book. The booking fee is a non-refundable payment of $15.

Session Fee is due in full at the time of session.

Sessions start on time. If you show up late for your session that is cutting into your shooting time. Please show up ready to photograph on time. 

If your child is sick and miserable it will show in their pictures. If your child is sick the day before their session please let me know and we can reschedule their session. I am a mother of little kids I am very understanding. If you call an hour before their session to tell me they are sick....I won't be understanding.

No shows....if you don't show up for your scheduled session please do not call to try and schedule another session I do no want to deal with clients who don't have enough respect for me to show up. I have young kids I need to find babysitters for while I shoot and I don't want to pay for childcare if someone isn't going to show up. It's a waste of my time and money and I don't want to deal with these type of clients.

Rescheduling: I do not like rescheduling sessions. I understand the weather is unpredictable here and sometimes we do have to reschedule that is something that is out of my hands. If you need to reschedule for another reason please call me asap so we can talk the situation over. In my busy months (September – December) I book up and it's hard to reschedule so keep this in mind when scheduling. If you need to reschedule your session please give me notice (this does not mean call me the day of your scheduled session).

Credit Cards: At this time I am not taking Credit Cards (unless you want to work something out through PayPal which would increase the price because of the fees involved). I can take cash or check.

Bounced Checks: If a check bounces there will be a $40 fee....doesn't matter if the amount of the check is for $15 or $500 the fee is the same. My bank charges me for every returned check. Please don't write me a check if you don't have money. And PLEASE don't ask me to hold a check for a week until you do have money. You know you have a session scheduled and you know how much it is so please be prepared.

Turnaround times:
CD's: 2-3 weeks (3-5 weeks during September – December)(Weddings 4-5 weeks)
Prints: 1-2 weeks
Viewing Galleries: 1 week (Weddings 2 weeks)
Rush Fee: $50

It is your responsibility to pick up your prints or CD. I will not hunt you down, I will not call a million times, I will not beg you to come get them, and I will no longer deliver them to you. I will simply call you and let you know your photos are ready to be picked up.
If you plan on picking them up you need to let me know when so I can be home or I can leave them for you. If you don't want to worry about the hassle of picking them up, I can mail them to you for an extra charge.
Charges to ship:
$5 - CD and prints 5x7 or smaller
$7 - prints 8x10 and smaller
$10 - 11x14 prints
Prints that are larger than 11x14 must be picked up, I will not mail them.