Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My little Artist

I have been going through the hundreds of personal images I have taken of my kids but never edited. *sigh*
And got sucked into my daughter's creative session I did when she turned 3.

I thought since I haven't blogged much I would put together a preview.
My daughter was obsessed with coloring...not just on paper but on EVERYTHING she could get her hands on.
Sad to say she will be 4 this summer and she still colors on everything. 
Drives me nuts.
Let's just hope that her artistic expression pays off one day. ;)

I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the past 7 months.
She has become quite the little sassy pants but makes up for it with her sweet hugs.
We had a lot of fun doing this session, she loved getting to paint. Everytime she sees her canvas she asks to paint another one.

Just a little warning this is a PICTURE OVERLOAD.

Here is her Artistic Creative Session:

 photo my7_zps3ddc38ca.png
 photo my8_zpsd94c98a2.png
 photo my9_zps1d617bb5.png
 photo my10_zps582a8047.png
 photo my12_zps1031c524.png
 photo my11_zps576c10b7.png
 photo my14_zps4761f82a.png
 photo my15_zps512c0a33.png
 photo my16_zps10df6c9e.png
 photo my17_zpsb97f2f6f.png
 photo my18_zps0ff297b7.png
 photo my19_zps9c8fa284.png
 photo my6_zpsc00bd410.png
 photo my20_zps463c3181.png
 photo my4_zps855426bf.jpg
 photo my_zpsba26061a.png
 photo my2_zps06105244.png
 photo my5_zps1b18a5dc.png
 photo my3_zps4e7226ed.png
 photo my3_zpsd19c9195.jpg

I had to throw in this image because it just makes me happy. 
Daddy was walking her back to the car to change.
 photo my13_zps8e1df984.png

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Daryenne's Senior Portraits

I had so much fun taking Daryenne's senior portriats.
Who wouldn't she is beautiful and has gorgeous eyes!
We spent the evening walking through alleyways and streets trying to avoid the horrid wind.
I think we did a pretty good job!

Here is her preview:

 photo daryenne6_zpsfb1ff74d.png
 photo daryenne5_zps451009c3.jpg
 photo daryenne7_zps1d91e23d.png
 photo daryenne2_zps2988a4b7.jpg
 photo daryenne9_zps772898bd.png
 photo daryenne10_zps58dd08cc.png
 photo daryenne8_zpsdcd17b86.png
 photo daryenne4_zpsd371cdf8.jpg
 photo daryenne11_zpsb15353c1.png
 photo daryenne3_zps267ddce2.png

Friday, April 12, 2013

Talbot Family Portraits

We have been trying for almost a year now to get these family portraits done.
They live out of state so it was hard to get schedules to match up and timing right.
So glad we were able to make it work out on their latest visit.
Such a wonderful family and a joy to work with.
Much of the session was spent laughing, my fav.

Here is their preview...

 photo jeremyfam_zps862822b2.png
 photo jeremyfam2_zps63e8b2f9.png
 photo jeremyfam3_zps35117ca9.png
 photo jeremyfam5_zpscfdb7b74.png
 photo jeremyfam4_zpsd4b5dc9a.png
 photo jeremyfam6_zps6e35a57d.png
 photo jeremyfam7_zps99f13ecd.png
 photo jeremyfam8_zps4c42a095.png

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drake's 2 Year Portraits

Drake is one busy little boy.
He wanted nothing to do with pics and would only sit for a few seconds at a time.
I guess that was my fault for leaving my son's cool basketball hoop in the front yard. lol.
But we did some bribing with candy and I even let him hit me in the head with a few balls...
hey it's worth it if I can get a smile or a laugh out of it.
It worked and I think we got some adorable pics of this handsome boy.

Here is Drake's preview:

 photo drake9-2_zps2fd5f323.jpg
 photo drake8-2_zps644e8cec.jpg
 photo drake2-1_zps605da5b4.jpg
 photo drake7-2_zps66753ff6.jpg
 photo drake6-2_zpsdc87d894.jpg
 photo drake_zps2a401b8e.jpg
 photo drake5-2_zps4f0946ab.jpg
 photo drake3-2_zps73103520.jpg
 photo drake4-2_zps528448f9.jpg

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Brooke's 2 Year Portraits

This little beauty is growing up way to fast!
Seems like just a few months ago I was doing her newborns and now she is 2!
I had a blast at her session, and from all the laughing I think she did too.
She is a doll and already has a wonderful personality!

Here is Brooke's preview:

 photo brooke2-2_zps5b35cb81.jpg
 photo brooke3-2_zpsab215215.jpg
 photo brooke4-2_zps16bb4439.jpg
 photo brooke5-2_zps40aaab79.jpg
 photo brooke6-2_zps9e38a0ee.jpg
 photo brooke-2_zpsbf9fc71d.jpg
 photo brooke7-2_zpsfae1b006.jpg
 photo brooke8_zps7c7a00ca.jpg
 photo brooke9_zps5e3bc05b.jpg