Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Konzek Kiddos

I absolutely adore these kiddos.
They are so adorable and always so well behaved, I love working with them.
I have been lucky enough to photograph them since the oldest was a baby...
actually I even photographed their mom and dad's wedding. :)
They are a wonderful family and I am lucky I get to capture some memories for them.

Here is their preview:

 photo bennett2-1_zps3f000321.jpg
 photo bennett5-1_zps4ffae4d3.jpg
 photo bennett-1_zps9f035d64.jpg
 photo bennett9-1_zpse89d445d.jpg
 photo bennett8-1_zps4bf599d9.jpg
 photo bennett3-1_zpsc43d2a7e.jpg
 photo bennett6-1_zps58bb8445.jpg
 photo bennett4-1_zpseaf3880e.jpg
 photo bennett7-1_zpsfc14ca6e.jpg

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