Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My little Artist

I have been going through the hundreds of personal images I have taken of my kids but never edited. *sigh*
And got sucked into my daughter's creative session I did when she turned 3.

I thought since I haven't blogged much I would put together a preview.
My daughter was obsessed with coloring...not just on paper but on EVERYTHING she could get her hands on.
Sad to say she will be 4 this summer and she still colors on everything. 
Drives me nuts.
Let's just hope that her artistic expression pays off one day. ;)

I can't believe how much she has grown and changed in the past 7 months.
She has become quite the little sassy pants but makes up for it with her sweet hugs.
We had a lot of fun doing this session, she loved getting to paint. Everytime she sees her canvas she asks to paint another one.

Just a little warning this is a PICTURE OVERLOAD.

Here is her Artistic Creative Session:

 photo my7_zps3ddc38ca.png
 photo my8_zpsd94c98a2.png
 photo my9_zps1d617bb5.png
 photo my10_zps582a8047.png
 photo my12_zps1031c524.png
 photo my11_zps576c10b7.png
 photo my14_zps4761f82a.png
 photo my15_zps512c0a33.png
 photo my16_zps10df6c9e.png
 photo my17_zpsb97f2f6f.png
 photo my18_zps0ff297b7.png
 photo my19_zps9c8fa284.png
 photo my6_zpsc00bd410.png
 photo my20_zps463c3181.png
 photo my4_zps855426bf.jpg
 photo my_zpsba26061a.png
 photo my2_zps06105244.png
 photo my5_zps1b18a5dc.png
 photo my3_zps4e7226ed.png
 photo my3_zpsd19c9195.jpg

I had to throw in this image because it just makes me happy. 
Daddy was walking her back to the car to change.
 photo my13_zps8e1df984.png

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