Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brown Family Portraits

I am so lucky I get to watch families change and grow over the years.
The Brown family is one of them I have enjoyed getting to know and work with.
Their kids are adorable and always a joy to be around.
It is truly a privilege to get to know them and watch them grow.
We had a fabulous session a couple weeks ago and I love how their images turned out.

Here is their preview:

 photo misti_zps10074195.png
 photo misti2_zpsfdcdf055.png
 photo misti4_zps9b0798e7.png
 photo misti3_zpsa243b9ad.png
 photo misti5_zps7eef8668.png
 photo misti6_zpsf953fa9d.png
 photo misti7_zpsc4a0686e.png
 photo misti8_zpsd9b3e3df.png
 photo misti9_zps5d440029.png

Friday, September 27, 2013

Ralphs Family Portraits

I have been photographing these adorable kiddos for the past few years.
They are always a joy to work with.
When mom decided it was time for some family portrait I was excited!
She did a wonderful job picking out colors for their outfits. Love them.
I was afraid we would have to cancel this session because of the crappy weather,
glad we didn't because it ended up being a great session - even if it was lacking sunlight.
Such a beautiful family!

Here is a preview of the Ralphs Family...

 photo ralph11_zps3772da44.png
 photo ralph6_zps85665150.png
 photo ralph5_zpsb59745d3.png
 photo ralph3_zpsa541bd16.png
 photo ralph9_zpseae84f34.png
 photo ralph8_zps0a9129de.png
 photo ralph10_zpsb6b392c1.png
 photo ralph7_zpsc546a95e.png
 photo ralph4_zps06a555f3.png
 photo ralph2_zps97eae982.png
 photo ralphs_zps4b2b2b3f.png
 photo ralph12_zps7204aa6c.png

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pieper's Newborn Portraits

Sweet little Pieper was a joy to work with at just 10 days old.
I love her name and loved getting to capture her newborns.
She is so cute and has a beautiful head of hair.
Mom brought so many fun things to photograph her with.
We had a great session.

Here is a preview of beautiful Pieper...

 photo pieper5_zps4e38b01b.png
 photo pieper4_zps7f131b53.png
 photo pieper3_zps3c19b542.png
 photo pieper2_zpsbf1e38e8.png
 photo pieper6_zps90900bcf.png
 photo pieper7_zps14900ac6.png
 photo pieper8_zps109948ef.png
 photo pieper_zps69757a21.png
 photo pieper11_zps4b0f638c.png
 photo pieper9_zps6829769e.png
 photo pieper10_zps2763edce.png

Friday, September 13, 2013

Jade's Maternity Portraits

I had a very enjoyable evening with these two.
It was so laid back and fun. They are so sweet together.
What an exciting time for them, waiting to welcome their little bundle of joy.

Here is a little preview of their session:

 photo jade4_zps41734f5f.png
 photo jade2_zpsd3270e5d.png
 photo jade3_zpsf55f2300.png
 photo jade5_zpsed3c5184.png
 photo jade6_zps146aefbd.png
 photo jade7_zpsf60648df.png
 photo jade8_zps7d00c6d8.png
 photo jade_zpsa381574f.png
 photo jade9_zps7f128bc7.png
 photo jade10_zps62761917.png

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brendle Family Portraits

This beautiful family happens to be my brother's.
I had a fun time spending the evening photographing them.
Love the outfits my sister-in-law put together, she did a great job coordinating them.
And of course they have some of the cutest kiddos!

Here is their preview:

 photo james_zps22b4d9a0.png
 photo james3_zps440e3b2d.png
 photo james2_zps51b242c0.png
 photo james5_zps29cdca4d.png
 photo james4_zpse3c2668c.png
 photo james6_zps1fd977d2.png
 photo james7_zps8fd252e5.png
 photo james9_zpsf8e3207f.png
  photo james10_zpsfc1aaa5a.png
 photo james11_zps249ef7fe.png
 photo james12_zps79301d1d.png
 photo james8_zps81442687.jpg
 photo james13_zps451c9504.png