Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Buck Family Pregnancy Announcement

I had such a fun time with the Buck family. What a cute little family.
I am so excited for them and their news that they will be adding to their family.
Their little boy is adorable and will be a wonderful big brother.

Here is their big preview:

 photo sarahpreg_zpsbbaed7d3.png
 photo sarahpreg7_zpseabc2f8a.png
 photo sarahpreg4_zpsfded14cb.png
 photo sarahpreg5_zps992bfc30.png
 photo sarahpreg2_zps78a10db2.png
 photo sarahpreg3_zpse509aa9c.png
 photo sarahpreg6_zps68cc4471.png
 photo sarahpreg10_zpscfff9c04.png
 photo sarahpreg8_zps019f5304.png
 photo sarahpreg9_zps898f8b6c.png
 photo sarahpreg11_zpsddb9e667.png
 photo sarahpreg12_zpsb31a6776.png
 photo sarahpreg13_zps625f6fcd.png
 photo sarahpreg14_zps51f263dd.png
 photo sarahpreg15_zps9a245868.png

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