Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pieper's Newborn Portraits

Sweet little Pieper was a joy to work with at just 10 days old.
I love her name and loved getting to capture her newborns.
She is so cute and has a beautiful head of hair.
Mom brought so many fun things to photograph her with.
We had a great session.

Here is a preview of beautiful Pieper...

 photo pieper5_zps4e38b01b.png
 photo pieper4_zps7f131b53.png
 photo pieper3_zps3c19b542.png
 photo pieper2_zpsbf1e38e8.png
 photo pieper6_zps90900bcf.png
 photo pieper7_zps14900ac6.png
 photo pieper8_zps109948ef.png
 photo pieper_zps69757a21.png
 photo pieper11_zps4b0f638c.png
 photo pieper9_zps6829769e.png
 photo pieper10_zps2763edce.png

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