Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hunter Family Portraits

I love, love, LOVE this little family.
This is my cousin's cute family and I enjoy getting to photograph them.
Their little man is adorable and I am excited for them to add another boy to the group.
I am sure he will be just as cute and fun as his brother is.

Here is their preview:

 photo jessie3_zps4d5d8b20.png
 photo jessie2_zps7bd050d9.png
 photo jessie5_zpsfbed9499.png
 photo jessie4_zpse24c8002.png
 photo jessie6_zps14cb1898.png
 photo jessie7_zps15e56447.png
 photo jessie9_zpsaf565590.png
 photo jessie8_zps388d7705.png
 photo jessie_zpsabea773d.png
 photo jessie10_zps6cecface.png
 photo jessie12_zpsbd573d0c.png
 photo jessie11_zps9ea5c294.png

Heather's Family Portraits

I have loved getting to know this adorable family over the last year.
They are a wonderful couple and their little boy is such a cutie!
He is also a very active little guy, we spent more of the session chasing and playing.
Which he loved and it shows in the portraits.

Here is their preview:

 photo heatherlallatin_zps3c255498.png
  photo heatherlallatin3_zpsd948079a.png
 photo heatherlallatin2_zps8157e728.png
 photo heatherlallatin4_zps47071979.png
 photo heatherlallatin5_zps3a5c93d0.png
 photo heatherlallatin6_zps3c0004dd.png
 photo heatherlallatin7_zpsb9b9aa7b.png
 photo heatherlallatin10_zpsbe54af96.png
 photo heatherlallatin8_zpsddf32384.png
 photo heatherlallatin9_zpsfd04ee35.png

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jack is turning ONE...

I just adore little Jack.
He is so cute and always fun to work with.
Can't believe he will turn one in just a few days.
Why do they have to grow up so fast.
Seems like just yesterday I was capturing his sweet newborns...

 photo jack8.jpg

Now he is a happy and very active boy...

 photo jackone2_zps1026af25.png
 photo jackone3_zps23eac156.png
 photo jackone4_zpsbc6effd5.png
 photo jackone_zps7d001964.png
 photo jackone6_zps2cc46c25.png
 photo jackone5_zps90c431c7.png
 photo jackone7_zpse904cc2d.png
 photo jackone10_zps78797914.png
 photo jackone9_zps2e4a869b.png
 photo jackone8_zps9daf9d56.png

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Brady's Senior Portraits

Brady was a fun senior to work with. Very laid back and up for anything.
We had a cold and very gloomy evening but had no problems getting through a full session.
Brady loves baseball so we headed over to the baseball fields to capture him in his element.
He is a great kid and I enjoyed getting to work with him.
Good Luck with your senior year Brady!

Here is his preview:

  photo bradysen3_zps98d5b829.png
 photo bradysen4_zps010142f6.png
 photo bradysen6_zpse6fc93dd.png
 photo bradysen5_zpsfd268533.png
 photo bradysen_zps06311a7a.png
 photo bradysen9_zps36040351.png
 photo bradysen2_zpsf8303e9b.png
 photo bradysen10_zps4d5c9612.png
 photo bradysen8_zps6ce57912.png
 photo bradysen7_zps7f1c347e.png
 photo bradysen11_zpsebc88400.png

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Owen is Turning One...

Owen's 1 Year Portraits were so much fun.
He was full of nose scrunching smiles and sweet giggles.
This handsome little man has grown so much.
I swear I just did his newborn portraits.
Now he is an active little boy.

Here is a look back at his newborn session...

 photo owen3.jpg

And here he is almost one...

 photo owen3_zpse47e3786.png
 photo owen4_zps4fd4ee2f.png
 photo owen5_zps3118c7b0.png
 photo owen7_zpsdd27d640.png
 photo owen6_zps7048eed5.png
 photo owen8_zps0399055c.png
 photo owen9_zpsc039c2f7.png
 photo owen2_zps89f4ed07.png
 photo owen_zpsd0d50440.png
 photo owen10_zps3e97d23e.png