Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jack is turning ONE...

I just adore little Jack.
He is so cute and always fun to work with.
Can't believe he will turn one in just a few days.
Why do they have to grow up so fast.
Seems like just yesterday I was capturing his sweet newborns...

 photo jack8.jpg

Now he is a happy and very active boy...

 photo jackone2_zps1026af25.png
 photo jackone3_zps23eac156.png
 photo jackone4_zpsbc6effd5.png
 photo jackone_zps7d001964.png
 photo jackone6_zps2cc46c25.png
 photo jackone5_zps90c431c7.png
 photo jackone7_zpse904cc2d.png
 photo jackone10_zps78797914.png
 photo jackone9_zps2e4a869b.png
 photo jackone8_zps9daf9d56.png

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