Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hunter Family Portraits

I love, love, LOVE this little family.
This is my cousin's cute family and I enjoy getting to photograph them.
Their little man is adorable and I am excited for them to add another boy to the group.
I am sure he will be just as cute and fun as his brother is.

Here is their preview:

 photo jessie3_zps4d5d8b20.png
 photo jessie2_zps7bd050d9.png
 photo jessie5_zpsfbed9499.png
 photo jessie4_zpse24c8002.png
 photo jessie6_zps14cb1898.png
 photo jessie7_zps15e56447.png
 photo jessie9_zpsaf565590.png
 photo jessie8_zps388d7705.png
 photo jessie_zpsabea773d.png
 photo jessie10_zps6cecface.png
 photo jessie12_zpsbd573d0c.png
 photo jessie11_zps9ea5c294.png

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