Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Heather's Family Portraits

I have loved getting to know this adorable family over the last year.
They are a wonderful couple and their little boy is such a cutie!
He is also a very active little guy, we spent more of the session chasing and playing.
Which he loved and it shows in the portraits.

Here is their preview:

 photo heatherlallatin_zps3c255498.png
  photo heatherlallatin3_zpsd948079a.png
 photo heatherlallatin2_zps8157e728.png
 photo heatherlallatin4_zps47071979.png
 photo heatherlallatin5_zps3a5c93d0.png
 photo heatherlallatin6_zps3c0004dd.png
 photo heatherlallatin7_zpsb9b9aa7b.png
 photo heatherlallatin10_zpsbe54af96.png
 photo heatherlallatin8_zpsddf32384.png
 photo heatherlallatin9_zpsfd04ee35.png

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