Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tregun is 18 Months Old

This little guy has changed so much since I did his 1 year portraits.
He looks so grown up. Crazy what 6 months can do.
Tregun just keeps getting cuter and cuter every time I see him.
We had fun at his session, he sure is a busy little boy.

Here is Tregun's preview:

 photo treg_zps9122145b.png
 photo treg2_zps42741138.png
 photo treg3_zps14ae0e20.png
 photo treg5_zps7cad37b4.png
 photo treg4_zps514ece4a.png
 photo treg6_zpscd4a8b44.png
 photo treg7_zps6320b0d9.png

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Keaton Turns Two

I can't believe this little guy is 2 already!
He is such a cutie and all BOY!
He wanted nothing to do with getting pictures taken,
all he wanted to do was run around.
Love his energy and curiosity.

Here is Keaton's preview:

 photo keaton2-1_zps121aeb56.png
 photo keaton3-1_zpsb8a2d9e1.png
 photo keaton4-1_zpsbb22d14a.png
 photo keaton-1_zpsd2a06278.png
 photo keaton5-1_zpsd37f0279.png
 photo keaton7-1_zps084b793e.png
 photo keaton6-1_zps86162e84.png
 photo keaton8_zpse1f8fac7.png

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rogan's 6 month Portraits

Oh my word little Rogan totally stole my heart.
What a little CUTIE!
He was so perfect throughout the whole session. 
Just sat there and smiled.
Well he didn't smile at me but he sure thought his mama was funny.

Here is his preview:

 photo rogan3_zpsef4f438f.png
 photo rogan4_zps3ca119f6.png
 photo rogan5_zps980a7673.png
 photo rogan6_zpsbe709045.png
 photo rogan7_zpsfb0b1747.png
 photo rogan_zpse59e55c7.png
 photo rogan8_zps9c45d51c.png
 photo rogan9_zpsed393a5d.png
 photo rogan2_zps556d9b27.png
  photo rogan10_zps13d078d5.png
 photo rogan11_zpsfc774d45.png

Friday, June 7, 2013

Korbyn is ONE

I absolutely LOVE working with this handsome little guy.
I have been lucky enough to get to watch him grow and change,
He came in as a sweet little newborn and again for 6 month pics
Now he is a busy little boy and as cute as ever.

Here is a peek at Korbyn a year ago....

  photo corbin.jpg

And here he now...

 photo korone2_zpsf7b337f0.png
 photo korone3_zps3bd8b3fd.png
 photo korone4_zps681906f2.png
 photo korone5_zps3ecbce12.png
 photo korone6_zpsad9a2e0f.png
 photo korone7_zpsde099aec.png
 photo korone_zps77efa87c.png
 photo korone8_zps29bc9cf6.png

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tristan's Newborn Portraits

Tristan came into my studio a few weeks ago and his session could not have been more perfect!
He was so fun to work with and so tiny. Such a little cutie.
And he is a very loved little boy. You can just tell by the looks of mom and dad they are proud.
I love first time parents.

Here is little Tristan:

 photo tristan_zps33a9b417.png
 photo tristan7_zps4e16048c.png
 photo tristan6_zpsdff711d4.png
 photo tristan5_zpsbd5f258a.png
 photo tristan4_zpsc673c7f6.png
 photo tristan3_zps8784b464.png
 photo tristan8_zps108df767.png
 photo tristan9_zps29ec50db.png
 photo tristan10_zpsd01ea8dc.png
 photo tristan2_zpsa423402c.png
 photo tristan11_zps1f31baba.png
 photo tristan12_zps38a33218.png

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mason Family Portraits

I am playing catch up on my blog for the next few days.
This cute little family has been waiting for their preview for weeks.
Thanks for having patience with me while I took some time off for family visiting me.
We had a nice little session a few weeks ago - perfect weather!
It was a rough start because their handsome little man was not happy...
which is really unusual for him, he has always been happy and smiley for his pics.
You would have never guess by looking all the cute pics I posted,
 that he pretty much was only happy for about 20% of our session. lol. 
But it was just enough to capture these sweet portraits for them...

 photo adriana4_zps1571ee53.png
 photo adriana3_zps906e758d.png
 photo adriana2_zps53f388a0.png
 photo adriana9_zps44940cd4.png
 photo adriana8_zps3f257532.png
 photo adriana_zps7a070b91.png
 photo adriana7_zps7a421674.png
 photo adriana5_zps9ee30ba9.png
 photo adriana6_zpsc52995f5.png
 photo adriana10_zps080dde75.png