Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rogan's 6 month Portraits

Oh my word little Rogan totally stole my heart.
What a little CUTIE!
He was so perfect throughout the whole session. 
Just sat there and smiled.
Well he didn't smile at me but he sure thought his mama was funny.

Here is his preview:

 photo rogan3_zpsef4f438f.png
 photo rogan4_zps3ca119f6.png
 photo rogan5_zps980a7673.png
 photo rogan6_zpsbe709045.png
 photo rogan7_zpsfb0b1747.png
 photo rogan_zpse59e55c7.png
 photo rogan8_zps9c45d51c.png
 photo rogan9_zpsed393a5d.png
 photo rogan2_zps556d9b27.png
  photo rogan10_zps13d078d5.png
 photo rogan11_zpsfc774d45.png

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