Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mason Family Portraits

I am playing catch up on my blog for the next few days.
This cute little family has been waiting for their preview for weeks.
Thanks for having patience with me while I took some time off for family visiting me.
We had a nice little session a few weeks ago - perfect weather!
It was a rough start because their handsome little man was not happy...
which is really unusual for him, he has always been happy and smiley for his pics.
You would have never guess by looking all the cute pics I posted,
 that he pretty much was only happy for about 20% of our session. lol. 
But it was just enough to capture these sweet portraits for them...

 photo adriana4_zps1571ee53.png
 photo adriana3_zps906e758d.png
 photo adriana2_zps53f388a0.png
 photo adriana9_zps44940cd4.png
 photo adriana8_zps3f257532.png
 photo adriana_zps7a070b91.png
 photo adriana7_zps7a421674.png
 photo adriana5_zps9ee30ba9.png
 photo adriana6_zpsc52995f5.png
 photo adriana10_zps080dde75.png

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