Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tristan's Newborn Portraits

Tristan came into my studio a few weeks ago and his session could not have been more perfect!
He was so fun to work with and so tiny. Such a little cutie.
And he is a very loved little boy. You can just tell by the looks of mom and dad they are proud.
I love first time parents.

Here is little Tristan:

 photo tristan_zps33a9b417.png
 photo tristan7_zps4e16048c.png
 photo tristan6_zpsdff711d4.png
 photo tristan5_zpsbd5f258a.png
 photo tristan4_zpsc673c7f6.png
 photo tristan3_zps8784b464.png
 photo tristan8_zps108df767.png
 photo tristan9_zps29ec50db.png
 photo tristan10_zpsd01ea8dc.png
 photo tristan2_zpsa423402c.png
 photo tristan11_zps1f31baba.png
 photo tristan12_zps38a33218.png

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