Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jack's 6 Month Portraits

Little Jack is growing way to fast. 6 months already?
He has changed so much in the past 6 months.
What a little handsome guy he is - check out those dimples!!!
We had lots of fun and captured tons of cute pics for his mommy!

Here is Jack's preview:

 photo jack-1_zps90692625.png
 photo jack3-1_zpse09ba1d6.png
 photo jack2-1_zps597227f9.png
 photo jack4-1_zps050e290e.png
 photo jack6-1_zpse33c2d15.png
 photo jack5-1_zps4a7fb852.jpg
 photo jack7-1_zps3b59bc39.png
 photo jack8-1_zpsee11b9bb.png
 photo jack9-1_zpsff1f90a0.png

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xzavier's Newborn Portraits

I love sweet little newborns.
Xzavier was adorable and his mama brought some of the cutest props.
Loved his little tie onesie and leg warmer outfit.
He didn't want to many photos done so we had his cute sister fill in while he took a break.

Here is their preview:

 photo xzav_zps0f519ccb.png
 photo xzav2_zpsc47701be.png
 photo xzav3_zpsec8126b5.png
 photo xzav4_zps7c20a5e2.png
 photo xzav5_zps4ed42df5.png
 photo xzav9_zps18fd7819.png
 photo xzav6_zps67195899.png
 photo xzav7_zps4aae1c61.png
 photo xzav8_zpsdf900f47.png
 photo xzav10_zps4ca93c55.png

Monday, May 20, 2013

Noelle is Turning ONE

Another one of my sweet newborns from last year is turning ONE.

 photo no11_zps5c809fce.png

I remember Noelle's newborn session (one of my favs) she was so sweet and slept like a dream.
Now she is a cute little toddler who wanted nothing to do with pics. lol.
The only way we got her to face the camera and stay in one place was to give her the cake.
I just love cake-smashes, such a fun way to celebrate a true milestone.

Here is Noelle's preview:

 photo no_zps1152c286.png
 photo no3_zps85966e98.png
 photo no4_zpse6ede4cc.png
 photo no2_zps3189623a.png
 photo no5_zpsf9d8c23a.png
 photo no6_zps841668a1.png
 photo no10_zps040d1ad5.png
 photo no8_zps8c178d7b.png
 photo no7_zpsddba1d5b.png
 photo no9_zps164786d2.png

Lilly and Emma 2 Year Portraits

As I have stated before I am falling so behind on my blog.
I was finally able to sit down today and get this preview posted.
I have been photographing these two sweet girl since they were newborns...
and now they are TWO! Time flies when you are having fun! :)

 photo lilemm7_zps014d1add.png
 photo lilemm9_zps93cb8f68.png
 photo lilemm8_zps69396f05.png
 photo lilemm4_zps717de1b3.png
 photo lilemm6_zps4d559797.png
 photo lilemm3_zps547f189c.png
 photo lilemm5_zps782cb641.png
 photo lilemm11_zps11969e06.png
 photo lilemm10_zpsd4cac5fe.png

Monday, May 13, 2013

Breanne - Mommy & Me Mini Session

I know, I know, I am a big slacker on my blog. 
It is almost summer time and that means lots of family time and crazy busy business time. 
So I am only going to be doing blog post when I have a free moment...which won't be happening very often in the next month. :)
I wanted to share this preview yesterday but never got on the computer because of the wonderful day I spend with my hubby and kids. 
Anyways this is a preview from a Mommy and Me mini session I did two weeks ago. 
Breanne is a beautiful mommy with some amazing kiddos who are little cuties. 
I had fun working with them again. 
I am sure I was pretty entertaining while I sang and danced just to get the little one to smile. :) 
I do what I have to do.

Here is their preview:

 photo bre_zpsa9ac60fc.png
 photo bre4_zps58833f4b.png
 photo bre2_zps5beee1e1.png
 photo bre5_zps14beb41f.png
 photo bre3_zpsc24d8057.png