Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Drake's 2 Year Portraits

Drake is one busy little boy.
He wanted nothing to do with pics and would only sit for a few seconds at a time.
I guess that was my fault for leaving my son's cool basketball hoop in the front yard. lol.
But we did some bribing with candy and I even let him hit me in the head with a few balls...
hey it's worth it if I can get a smile or a laugh out of it.
It worked and I think we got some adorable pics of this handsome boy.

Here is Drake's preview:

 photo drake9-2_zps2fd5f323.jpg
 photo drake8-2_zps644e8cec.jpg
 photo drake2-1_zps605da5b4.jpg
 photo drake7-2_zps66753ff6.jpg
 photo drake6-2_zpsdc87d894.jpg
 photo drake_zps2a401b8e.jpg
 photo drake5-2_zps4f0946ab.jpg
 photo drake3-2_zps73103520.jpg
 photo drake4-2_zps528448f9.jpg

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