Monday, August 5, 2013

Korbin's 6 Months Portraits

Little Korbin has changed so much in these last 6 months.
Just seemed like yesterday he was in the studio for his newborn session.
Now he is sitting up all by himself.
We had lots of fun during his session and got tons of sweet portraits.

Here is a little preview:

 photo korbsix4_zps603f6c58.png
 photo korbsix3_zps878f3129.png
 photo korbsix6_zpsd578d225.png
 photo korbsix7_zpsaea05f1c.png
 photo korbsix2_zps97de61cf.png
 photo korbsix5_zpse56febd4.png
 photo korbsix8_zpsc335b926.png
 photo korbsix10_zpsca88dcad.png
 photo korbsix9_zps75f5e6db.png

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