Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hunter Grandkids

So what do you do when you have a cute little 2-year-old you need to photograph and he wants NOTHING to do with you or your camera?
You let him run wild and play with his cousins....

This first photo was the only time he sat the whole session. lol. Good thing his mommy loves him so much! ;)

 photo huntergrandkids_zps6b8129a0.png
 photo huntergrand5_zpsf656a8b9.png
 photo huntergrand3_zps635b47a5.png
 photo huntergrand4_zps9ca8e374.png
 photo huntergrand7_zpsd5c29682.png
 photo huntergrand8_zps81e10d8e.png
 photo huntergrand6_zps14195689.png
 photo huntergrand2_zps50e35221.png
 photo huntergrand9_zps922aada7.png

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