Monday, August 19, 2013

Sarah's Seinor Portraits

Sarah was fun to work with, long legs and all. lol.
I myself am barely 5ft. 5in. so I had to bring along a little stepstool and find creative ways to get the angles I wanted.
So jealous of her long legs! OH and her gorgeous blue eyes.
What a joy she was to photograph.
Good Luck with your Senior year Sarah, have fun!

Here is her preview:

 photo sarah9_zps2c73fdb1.png
 photo sarah2_zps6896c531.png
 photo sarah3_zps320b9b28.png
 photo sarah4_zps2d0ea60e.png
 photo sarah6_zpsc918b422.png
 photo sarah5_zps6ba900cc.png
 photo sarah_zpsc705ff76.png
 photo sarah7_zpsd9ee9555.png
 photo sarah8_zpsb3485193.png
 photo sarah11_zpsb07a702e.png
 photo sarah10_zpsbd1cbde0.png
 photo sarah12_zpsa4e45c57.png
 photo sarah13_zps0c0fcfb5.png

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