Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shayna's Mommy and Me Session

I enjoyed my session with Shayna and her cute kiddos.
I love getting to photograph mothers with their kids and capture their sweet relationship.
We had a little rocky start with her son not wanting to even look at me. lol.
All it took was a little rock throwing and he decided I was ok.

Here is her HUGE preview:

 photo shayna5_zpsd41f361d.png
 photo shayna3_zps6c57a5a8.png
 photo shayna4_zps0abc6924.png
 photo shayna8_zps9338735a.png
 photo shayna6_zps58ef36c8.png
 photo shayna7_zpsca15e568.png
 photo shayna10_zps1b977463.png
 photo shayna2_zps62da4b8d.png
  photo shayna13_zpsb0e4f497.png
 photo shayna12_zpsb369db05.png
 photo shayna9_zps849b4971.png
 photo shayna14_zpsfe91fbdc.png
 photo shayna11_zps6bffcd51.png
 photo shayna15_zps165ab65e.png
 photo shayna_zps849da98a.png

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