Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eric's Newborn Portraits

Adorable little Eric was such a sweetheart for his session.
He even gave us a few tiny smirks. He saved his big smiles for when I put my camera down.
A lot of the session he was bright eyed but we managed to get him asleep a few times.
Eric is lucky to have two wonderful parents I enjoyed working with.
I love watching first time parents snuggle their precious new baby.
He is a very loved little boy. 

Here is his precious preview:

 photo eric2_zps52ddfff0.png
 photo eric3_zpsea0a1641.png
 photo eric4_zps10fa6187.png
 photo eric5_zpsf6dfcb48.png
 photo eric6_zps2760aa42.png
 photo eric_zpsdde1d752.png
 photo eric7_zpsfe410169.png
 photo eric8_zps61c44c13.png
 photo eric9_zpsb8b8042d.png
 photo eric10_zps4c1f8ca0.png
 photo eric11_zps2922bec9.jpg

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