Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little mentoring....

I had my first mentoring session today. One of my friends (Jennifer Hill) wanted me to help her with a newborn session, so I had her over to my little home studio so we could use all of my props and backgrounds. It was really different setting a shot up for another photographer (and sharing my secrets, lol), but I did sneak in a few quick snapshots to share (not my favorite angles but thought they were sweet). I was honored that another photographer wanted my help. Just to give you an idea of what it was like...we had 7 kids 5 years and under running around my little house while we tried to get a newborn asleep for certain shots. For all of the chaos that was going on sweet baby Nathan did very well! This was a neat experience for me and I was happy to share a little bit of my knowledge (because I am still learning myself with every newborn I photograph).


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Jenni said...

Well I think your shots are beautiful....and I am so in love with your floor! :) Thanks a million....I had so much fun and learned tons! You truely are the BEST!!!