Friday, July 1, 2011

I am "Prop Junkie"

I guess admittance is really the first step! :)

I like props....ok that is an understatement, I LOVE props. My house is full of props I have picked up. Yes I even have a prop room in my house. One day I will have to organize it and actually take a picture of all my props. I have stumbled on props, I have searched for props, I am always on the lookout for props, and I even make some of my props (etsy store is coming). 
Just to give you an idea of how many props I have accumulated, I have yet to photograph over half of the props I have. 
Yes I do have a problem because I can't stop buying things to use as props.
AND there are still so many props that I WANT.
It's a good thing I am not rich or I would be in BIG trouble. 
So there you have it, my name is Misty and I am a "Prop Junkie".

One of my favorite blogs I follow posted this cute button and I had to share it.

This little guy will be forever posted on the footnotes of this blog. I really do ♥ my props. :)
My second addiction is McDonald's diet coke. Mmm mmm good!
Just ask any of my friends or family - they will say it's true!

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