Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Schedule Notice and a little pleading...


It is pretty sad when you have to schedule your family functions into your work schedule...but that's what I have been doing lately. Last night we went to the pumpkin patch - a tradition I love and I booked in my schedule a month ago. lol.

Fall is by far my favorite time of year and it happens to be my busiest. 
Trying to balance life as a stay-at-home and work-at-home mom is challenging. 
I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding. 
My blog is falling behind and previews are harder to get posted. 
I am trying my hardest to do big previews like a usually do but it is becoming harder. 
So if I don't have a lot of pictures on your preview please don't take offense at it 
I am just lucky I got one up. lol. 

Turnaround times during this busy season are 3-4 weeks as stated on my Policy page
I know I usually have a quick turnaround time of 2-3 weeks but when you have 7+ sessions a week that quick turnaround isn't possible. 
So please have patience with me while I try to balance my full-time work load and full-time mother/wife load during these next few months. 
Please don't message me a week after your session and ask me when your CD will be ready, lol 
I promise I won't forget about you and I am working as much as I possibly can. 
Because I do have a 3-year-old and a 4-year-old at home with me all day I am limited to what work I can get done during the day...I mostly have to revert to doing the bulk of my work while everyone else in my house sleeps. 
So please don't think I am a horrible person if you see me running errands around town in my pj's. :) 
Some days are harder than others to care about my appearance when I am pulling all-nighters. 

Okay that was my pleading, now onto my schedule notice...

My schedule is close to being full for the year. 
I have 2 slots left open for October. 
November and December are getting full. 

Idaho weather is so unpredictable and I don't have an inside space for group shots I have decided to not schedule any family sessions after Nov. 5th. 
Yes you heard me right, 
So that means I only have a few spots left for Family Sessions.

So if you are wanting to schedule a session for October, November, or December - PLEASE CONTACT ME NOW (This includes newborn sessions) I can't guarantee I won't be booked up for the rest of the year by the end of the month. Please send me a message on facebook, or e-mail me for scheduling or information.


Jenni said...

good for you taking a night off to be with your kiddos at the pumpkin patch! We will be out there next week...can't wait!!! And you are a terrific mommy and amazing photographer....patience it TOTALLY worth it for your amazing work!!! ;)

Jenni said...

PS--I LOVE Mylee's headband....I want a couple of those! :)