Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting back to the FUN stuff

It's been a stressful past month or so and I haven't been the best at posting previews or being active with my blog, facebook, or clients.......I apologize. 
Last night I sat down and asked myself when did this stop being enjoyable? 
I came to the conclusion that I need to start having FUN again. 
I LOVE what I do and just because things have gotten stressful and overwhelming I don't need to stop having fun! 
Life needs to be Fun, right?
So I brainstormed and I wrote down lots of things I think would be fun for my followers and clients! 
I am Soooooooooooo EXCITED and it's going to be tons of FUN!
I was trying to find out what made my followers happiest and more involved, and it hit me, 
ok it was more like a light bulb turning on. 
First off I have decided to do more mini session events - YAY! 
I get asked all the time about those so I figured I'd try to do one every month, "try" being the key word. 
Also I will be doing some fun contests, like my "Cutest Kid Contest" everyone loved that last year.

With that being said keep an eye out for those mini sessions and contests on facebook.

For the month of May I will be doing my Mommy and Me Mini Sessions
(which I only have 2 spots left open)
And I will be putting together a "Cutest Baby Contest"
so start digging through those snapshots and find a cute entry picture of your baby!

Let the FUN begin!

This is my sweet little girl and her Creative Kid Session we did last year. 
Just realized I never shared any of the images on the blog. 
Would anyone be interested in doing a mini creative session event?

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Jenni said...

oH MY HECK! How have I NEVER seen this photo before???? It should totally be on a giant canvas in your house! SOOOO freaking cute!!! And I for one am VERY excited about your May Mini-session! :) Can't wait for some pics with my cute kiddos! :) Love ya girl!!! And stop stressing out so much! :)