Monday, April 23, 2012

I have an addiction....

I am going to take some time out and get a little personal here.

You see I have this problem and it's kind of taking over.....

I LOVE props!!!!

That's right I'll shout if from the rooftops no more denial... 

My name is Misty and I am a propaholic!

I admit I am powerless, 
I can't help but see something and envision some magnificent photo session where I'd use it...with that being said I always end up buying it. Buckets, blankets, hats, fabric, and my personal favorite chairs - I am a sucker for all of it! 
Problem is I have a small space to keep my props and lately it seems it has become a disaster area!!!

See for yourself...........


 Now pick your jaw up off the floor and get that disgusted look off your face, lol.
Truth is if I had more money and more space I'd have TONS more props.

Now that I've shared my deep dark secret it's easy to come to the conclusion - I totally SUCK at organization!

This room used to be my office/studio when I use to use studio lighting but my son broke one of my lights so I decided to try out some natural lighting and fell in love...haven't done studio lighting in almost 3 years so the room became a prop storage room. 
Another problem with the room is there is no door on it, when I used it for a studio I LOVED having no door so we never put a door on it. No door was never an issue until my daughter became mobile and curious, she started going in and destroying my props so I strategically placed some big props and things in the door way so she couldn't get in the room (don't ask me why I never just put a door on it, lol). That's when things really started to pile up. After sessions I'd just toss my props back in the room and not back where they were stored and thus became the hoarder look I've adapted to. 
I have neglected the room and avoided pulling things out and reorganizing because my kids are like a moth to a flame when it comes to my props. The moment I pull ANYTHING out of that room one of them ends up confiscating it and I don't see it again until they break it and lose interest in it. They also like to go in and find a blanket and claim it is theirs, which usually ends up in tears because I won't let them play with it (surprisingly it's more of my son than daughter with this one - he gets attached to different textured clue why).
Did you notice in the pictures I have hardly anything on my walls - sad I know. My poor little diploma, white board and wire picture holder are all that decorate the walls....that's it.

Anyways to make a LONG story shorter... 

I have decided that I am sick of being called a "Hoarder" and I have a goal to get it cleaned up and organized in the next two weeks. Figured it would actually happen if I exposed my secret and had to be held accountable for it! Or maybe this is a cry for help and I am hoping someone will turn me into the show Hoarders so I can get some professional help - lol - totally joking! The rest of my house doesn't look like this and I don't know what I would do if they made me throw away some of my props...yikes! 

So there you have it, my dark side. I feel better now that I have shared.
But wondering where to even start. I am excited to be able to organize and get some art up on my walls. I also have a large collection of vintage cameras I can't wait to put up on display.

Wish me luck and I will be posting new pictures sometime in the next 2 weeks!


Jenni said...

okay...first off, we can't turn you into hoarders because this is the ONLY room in your entire house that looks like this, and's not gross, just full of the funnest stuff ever! I for one LOVE going in that room! :) need shelves and drawers and totes. I will come and help you! You crack me up and i can't believe you actually posted these photos....soooo funny!!!!

Mystic Memories said...

I am so embarrassed. I knew if I posted them I would ACTUALLY do something about it! lol. And I am half tempted to post pics of my house so people don't think I am really a hoarder. :) I don't even know where to start. It's going to take me forever! I am going to try to go to Ikea with my sister this weekend and get some stuff for organizing. :) I have a long ways to go. Wish me luck.