Sunday, November 10, 2013

Brendle Family Portraits

Love this cute little family.
Just happens to be my brother's family.
Can I just say that the Brendle siblings (and their spouses) produce some good looking grandkids!
And I am totally not biased! lol.
I love all of my nieces and nephews.
Anyways I had fun photographing this sweet family.
Here is their preview:

 photo tim2_zps92e20b34.png
 photo tim3_zpsc5dfbe76.png
 photo tim4_zpse47d1b3d.png
 photo tim6_zps53c510da.png
 photo tim5_zps5df4c44a.png
 photo tim7_zps5746852b.png
 photo tim9_zpsb0292ade.png
 photo tim10_zpsd453ae86.png
 photo tim_zps784952b1.png
 photo tim11_zps9627bddc.png
 photo tim12_zpse638adc2.png

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