Saturday, November 2, 2013

Zander's Mommy and Me Portraits

Oh my goodness could these two be any cuter?
I had so much fun getting to play with them and capture their bond.
Charyn is such a beautiful mommy and her little man is just as handsome.
I love these type of sessions, you can tell by the HUGE preview I've done.
I just couldn't stop editing.

Enjoy your big preview:

 photo zander7_zpsc136e170.png
 photo zander3_zps8e4af044.png
 photo zander2_zps8aa972a3.png
 photo zander6_zps5a5a137a.png
 photo zander5_zpscbf2153a.png
 photo zander4_zps5e230a84.png
 photo zander8_zps75914092.png
 photo zander9_zps8be1e2a4.png
 photo zander10_zps823f942d.png
 photo zander11_zpse04c0209.png
 photo zander12_zps9062a20a.png
 photo zander13_zps3fd1c5bf.png
 photo zander_zps88d0057f.png
 photo zander14_zps6f50244e.png

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