Saturday, November 2, 2013

Santillan Family Portraits

We almost had to chancel this session. We showed up and it was raining.
Good thing we shot through because we ended with a beautiful evening.
I hadn't seen these kids in years and I was shocked to see how much they had grown up.
They were a blast to photograph.
I loved that mom and dad wanted to incoorperate their family hobby into the portraits.

Here is their fun family preview:

 photo santillian4_zps72fee863.jpg
 photo santillian3_zpsa83d5fab.png
 photo santillian9_zps7fea78f7.png
 photo santillian8_zps662701b7.png
  photo santillian7_zps26cabb9d.png
  photo santillian6_zpscbdc9f81.png
  photo santillian2_zpsba613f28.jpg
  photo santillian5_zpsb94f9c45.png
  photo santillian_zps0f0db894.png
  photo santillian10_zps5d79e032.png

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