Thursday, November 14, 2013

Konzek Family Portraits

Love, Love, LOVE, this adorable little family.
They are so fun to work with and so sweet.
Their poor little boy didn't really want his picture taken but we managed to sneak in a few smiles.
Such cute kiddos but they need to stop growing up so fast!

Here is their preview:

 photo shelbfam2_zps33443b8b.png
 photo shelbfam3_zps684e049f.png
 photo shelbfam4_zpsc6226b61.png
 photo shelbfam5_zps2e091867.png
 photo shelbfam6_zpsb03f16c7.png
 photo shelbfam7_zpsf822475d.png
 photo shelbfam8_zps73722fd5.png
 photo shelbfam9_zpse40f230a.png
 photo shelbfam10_zps5059bdb6.png
 photo shelbfam11_zps02aa151f.png

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